2022 provided time for surveying my 50 years of art practice. I have assembled some of the projects of my interdisciplinary career. Click here to see my Survey Document.

When I consider what I have given back to the arts, I reflect on what has created the richest fulfilment through a career of Making, Exhibiting, Teaching and Guiding others to enjoy art through ‘visual understanding.’ It has been the intrinsic knowledge and understanding as it conveys meaning that has generated my involvement in the Arts.

2022 generated ‘social freedom’ to attend Art Openings:

Attending the Official Opening of 'AIR' at QAGOMA.

Griffith University, Queensland College of Art for 'Opening Thursdays.'

Queensland University of Technology hosts drinks in the garden prior to the Official Opening of their Art Exhibitions.

Drinks at The State Library of Queensland with William Yang before his illustrated interview for ‘Portrait of an Artist'

Sebastian Moody's Exhibition 'Opinion Fatigue' at One Space Gallery. I 'enjoyed' exploring these artworks through a language familiar to me 'spatial composition'.

At Artisan Gallery for 'in conversation' as curator Cassandra Lehman delved into the making process, putting the exhibitors works into words.

Just as ‘The Architecture of a Bug’ exhibition sparked curiosity in 2001, it expanded ‘design’
as a generative force. Each year I can be seen to forge new paths for growth and change,
inspiring fresh insights. Continuing this theme, in 2022 I created Bug ‘Idea’ badges
designed to generate respect for ‘nature as design’.