The Architecture of a Bug: august - september
The Riverside Gallery of The Brisbane Powerhouse. An expansion of issues researched in Mini-Museum 2000.

Site l. The idea. An interplay of continuous video and slide projections.


Site ll. The computer is a fantastic tool for facilitating fluidity in design and the concept of smart or intelligent materials means that a building can interact with its environment, responding to changes in various ways.


Site lll. In nature, forms are reconfigured according to encoded internal functions i.e. (metamorphosis). Every single functional form evolves from a process that turns material and effort into functional shape.



Retail Therapy: september
In collaboration with Conrad & Gargett Architects, Superfun 5.
An integrated public art exhibition that uses the Valley
shopfronts as a gallery. Each Retail Therapy display represents
a collaboration between a designer, an artist and a retailer.



Art & Australia Vol. 39 No.1 A Site of Symbolism - Glen Henderson by Donna McColm
Architectural Review Australia 077 Bug Architecture by Dr Helen Armstrong
Arts TodayABC National Feature interview with Rhiannon BrownSeptember 2001