The Planets  A multisensory performance Willoughby  Symphony Orchestra conducted by Anthony Legge featuring the work of 7 video artists performed August 2013
The Concourse Entertainment Centre

Video still from:  Planet Jupiter by Glen Henderson

To view the video:  Planet Jupiter by Glen Henderson

Willoughby Symphony proudly presented an extraordinary, multisensory performance with The Planets, featuring a live orchestral performance with an astounding visual accompaniment.

Conducted by Opera Australia’s Associate Musical Director, Anthony Legge, Gustov Holst’s The Planets - a seven-movement orchestral suite named for each planet in the Solar System, and one of the most thrilling works of the entire orchestral repertoire.

Curated by leading Digital Arts Curator Lubi Thomas and developed by some of Australia’s most talented digital artists, each visual component is an astrological interpretation of each movement, projected as a backdrop to the live performance. This astrological influence, rather than astronomy or mythology, was Holst’s original inspiration for his famous composition.

The Brisbane Festival in partnership with Brisbane City Council
presented Fairweather in the auditorium of Brisbane City Hall September 2013

A multi medium collaborative performance exploring the remarkable life, work, and psychology of artist, Ian Fairweather

Please access the Fairweather on Bribie video which explores the most highly acclaimed period of his lifes work.  My other Fairweather videos are, Childhood Memories; War; Fairweather in China; Bali; and Raft journey.

The Collaborators:  Musician - composer Erik Griswold;  Miles Franklin Award-winning author, as writer narator Rodney Hall, video artist Glen Henderson..
The Performance in the Brisbane City Hall Main Auditorium featured new music for String Quartet, koto virtuoso Satsuki Odamura, with Rodney Hall as narrator, Glen Henderson Video Artist.

Raft Journey

Memories Childhood

Bribie Island

Gethsemane Bribie

Tune into the interview with the collaborators on ABC National Radio Books and Arts Daily

To view Fairweather as Launched May 1 2013 Queensland Conservatorium of Music
www.brisbanefestival.com.au/events/view/fairweather  and then click on play to view the Raft and Bribie videos on line. 

A new collaboration of author Rodney Hall, video-artist Glen Henderson, composer, musician Erik Griswold.  Featuring Kurilpa String Quartet, koto virtuoso Satsuki Odamura, and Rodney Hall as narrator, Glen Henderson Video Artist.

Excerpt of Review from by Vincent Plush, The Australian May 3
'Fairweather,' the evolving collaboration between poet Rodney Hall, video artist Glen Henderson and composer Erik Griswold...takes shape as a painter approaches a canvas, layer upon layer eventually yielding a glorious masterpiece. Featuring Satsuki Odamura on koto and the Kurilpa String Quartet  with Hall's narration, 'Fairweather' is deceptively economic in delivery, and a harrowing and richly textured journey of perseverance and redemption through art’.



The Lightness Matrix 3: GRANDE SEARCH was launched on the Federation Square Big Screen with an opening event on Friday March 22 – Daily projections continue until April 30