In 2018 I have been enjoying working in three spheres:

As 2018 began I was already in collaboration with Biscoe Wilson Architects, through an invitation to submit designs to be implemented into many of the structural features of the New Scientific Stem Centre and Robotic Labourites of The Gap State High School. The Gap SHS celebrated with their Open House on Saturday 2nd March 2019.

This interactive collaboration has been stimulating many of my long practiced skills as well as generating new skills across medium and process. My involvement included designs for patterning incorporated into external glass walls; A covered outdoor learning area; Internal classroom features; A large variety of Perforated metal Screens; and designs for patterning as ‘legend’ imagery to be sandblasted into paving.

A Wider Sphere : Throughout 2018 I had been developing a new body of work for exhibition, to be opened on May 3rd 2019 at One Space Gallery, Brisbane. The highly acclaimed Australian author Rodney Hall has written the Publication Essay in support of the exhibition of this work.

“The Challenge she sets herself in this show is to look at the future across a ‘wider sphere’, predicated on bringing together this broad range of concepts, materials and skills.” Rodney Hall

In this journey ITHINK : ISEE ; IDEA I draw on my lifetime fascination with compositional space. It involves explorations of music, nature, architecture and science, particularly physics. My early explorations previewed some diagrams and texts that refer to nature as an example of Lightness of Design


My One Space Exhibition will feature NEON. I have designed a sign to shine its message from One Space Gallery.

  A gathering with friends to view one of Michael Blazek’s recent Brisbane Neon signs.

My videos which continue to be sought for exhibition on outdoor Urban Screens also embrace spatial issues expressed through ‘form and function’ in design and in nature; compositional ideas; and scientific developments in cosmic space. They have been playing across 3 month periods at Bunjil Place, Narre Warren outside Melbourne; Macquarie Place Liverpool, and Chatswood, Sydney.


I found time within this busy schedule to view the Auckland Art Fair and The Len Lye Centre at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth / The Biennale of Sydney / The APT QAGOMA
This stimulating itinerary also inspired me to update my business card design.