list of video works

The Alchemy of Things on Change (4D Prehension): 2017
detail 2017 page
Exhibited: Artereal Gallery Blogg
Video 2mins (looped)
The Alchemy of Change, Unveiled: 2017
Exhibited: UNSW O Week 2017 Liverpool City Council; Liverpool Screen, Macquarie Mall: 2017
Video 2mins (looped)
4D Pehension: 2017 Video: 1.03mins (looped)
Ian Fairweather, The life, Work and Psychology of: Erik Griswold, Composer of Multi medium collaborative Live Performance:
detail 2013 page
Video consists of
Childhood 5.19mins
War : War interlude 5.58mins / 2.34mins
China 10.01mins
Bali 5.16mins
The Raft Journey 8.40mins
Bribie 8.43mins

Exhibited as Performance:
2017 : OzAsia Festival | FESTIVALS ADELAIDE
2013 : BRISBANE FESTIVAL Brisbane City Hall Auditorium
2013 : Queensland Conservatorium of Music 
Ian Fairweather, TurraWarra Museum of Art: 2014:5
The Drunken Buddha exhibition of all available works on Ian Fairweather’s life and work
Video 45.11 mins (looped)
Alchemy of The Scientific, 2016 Video 4 mins (looped)
Alchemy of Belief, 2016 Video 2 mins (looped)
The Alchemy of Things: 2016
Exhibited: Artereal Gallery: 2016
International Women’s Day, Fed Square, Melbourne: 2016
detail 2016 page
Video 2 mins (looped)
Catherine McAuley had a Dream: 2015
Commissioned: Monte SantAngelo Mercy College
detail-2015 page
Video: 5 Mins
Excerpts, Matrix 3, Fairweather Bribie, Alchemy of Things: 2015
Promotional Video:
Video: 2. Mins
The Grevillea Variations: 2014
Exhibited 2014 : Federation Square/Artereal Gallery for Melbourne Art Fair
2014 : The Concourse Urban Screen, Chatswood
detail 2014 page
Video 9.52mins(looped)
Planet Jupiter: 2013
Exhibited: The Concourse with Willoughby Symphony Orchestra , Chatswood NSW
detail-2013 page
Video 7.54mins
The Lightness Matrix 3: GRANDE SEARCH: 2013
Exhibited: Federation Square Big Screen, Melbourne
detail-2012 page
Exhibited 2012 : QUT Urban Screens, Brisbane 2012
2012 : The Cultural Concourse Urban Screen, Chatswood
Video 7.33mins(looped)
The Grevilleas of Myall Park: 2012
Exhibited: Qld. Conservatorium of Music
with Australian Voices Choir, Erik Griswold Piano
detail-2012 page
Video 46.09mins
The Lightness Matrix 2: SPACE: 2015
Exhibited 2015 : ✗Communicate Symposium UNSW
detail-2015 page
Exhibited: 2011 The Parer Place Screen QUT
2011 : Federation Square Big Screen and Atrium Screen, Melbourne
detail-2011 page
Video 19.50mins
The Lightness Matrix 1: 2010
Exhibited 2010 : The Parer Place Screen QUT, Brisbane
detail-2010 page
Video 7.22mins (looped)
Perceptions in Cell Time: 2009
Two Channel Video 3.30mins (looped)
Exhibited 2009 : Arc Biennial of Art, Brisbane
detail-2009 page
Exhibited 2008 : Queensland Centre for Photography
Two Channel Video 3.30mins (looped)
Synapsis: 2005
Exhibited 2005 : University of Queensland Art Museum
detail-2004 page     detail-2005 page
Exhibited: Arc Span Galleries, Melbourne
Esa Jaske Gallery, Sydney
Video 22.29mins (looped)
The Architecture of a Bug: 2001
Exhibited: Four Riverside Galleries Brisbane Powerhouse
detail-2001 page      detail-2000 page
Exhibited 2000 : Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
2000 : Brisbane Festival Fringe, Brisbane Powerhouse
Video 4.44mins (looped)
Which Machine Must be Plugged into This Machine to Work : 1997
Exhibited 1997 : Performance Space, Sydney
Voices of the Singing Body respond to my installation Gallery 1. Gallery 2 selected artists trace their response to the performance in black and white.
detail-1997 page
Video 5.14mins (looped)
Which Machine Must be Plugged into This Machine to Work : 1996
Exhibited 1996 : Gallery 1 White Box, Brisbane:
Stephen Leek and VoIcE ArT perform to my installation. Selected artists trace the performance in black and white in Gallery 2.
Video 5.15mins (looped)
Places for the Body: A sensual journey : 1994
Exhibited 1995 : Bauhaus Gallery, Brisbane Festival Fringe
1994 : Noosa Regional Gallery: Festival of Installations
1994/5/6 : QUT promotions: Brisbane and Singapore
Video 4.05mins(looped)