2020 was not a year for mounting exhibitions. Instead the restrictions provided an environment for viewing, thinking and research.


My Ongoing Specific Research during 2020 was directed towards a Collaborative Event as a follow-up to my 1999 TEKHNE Art + Architecture Collaborative.


From January through to April I explored travelling exhibitions with Arts Industry friends; viewing unique Installations and attending Events at QAGOMA; Art Gallery of NSW; Museum of Contemporary Art and selected Commercial Galleries in Brisbane and Sydney.

Arterial Gallery’s 2020 posting on my MOB New Woman Exhibition Liz Newell director of IMA Interviews London based Artist Marianna Simnett

With Gitte Weise at QAGOMA, Cai Guo-Qiang’s The Animals Drinkin With Janet Laurence at Dominek Mersch Gallery Sydney

Bathed in the colour of Rebecca Bauman's light work at Carriage Works, Sydney Cornelia Parker Installation, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney

In 2020 I was invited as an Associate Artist by One Space Gallery where specific works will be available.

Carol Schwarzman was commissioned by Eyeline Publishing to write ‘A Wider Sphere’ an analysis of my practice.