The Grevillea Varations  Opening Launch Federation Square Big Screen  Thursday August 14 – continuing daily until September 14 i

You Tube Links to excerpt from -The Grevillea Variations Excerpt 1 and The Grevillea Variations Excerpt 2

The moving image Artwork provides an inventive colourful celebration of Australian Native Flora. The Sculptural forms, the abstractions and the surface patternings were inspired by my interest in nature’s geometry and created from various materials in response to the immense variety of Grevillea formations.

Federation Square
Federation Square
Federation Square

Many of the Grevillea blooms were photographed by Sandra Neale within Myall Park Botanic Garden, west of Brisbane in the Western Downs region. It has one of Australia’s oldest collections of arid and semi-arid native plants.  Other photographs are from Brisbane and other parts of Eastern Australia.

Myall Park Botanic Garden; http://myallparkbotanicgarden.com/ Myall Park Botanic Garden, the inspiration of David Gordon A.M. in the 1940’s, is a natural bush garden and a destination for botanists, gardeners, photographers, artists and bushwalkers.

Federation Square

The Grevillea Variations   -   The Cultural Concourse Urban Screen, Chatswood Sydney  until October 31– Screening Schedule www.theconcourse.com.au/content/urban-screen


2014    Eyeline number 81, Fairweather, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane City Hall Auditorium. by Jeremy Eccles

Eyeline Review
Excerpt from  Fairweather Review           (Click to View)