In January I commenced a Sydney based Project Management Installation Contract to create a permanent Interactive Contemporary Heritage Centre.

  • An installation that is digitally versatile in ways that will preserve and protect stories from the past. 
  • An installation that will also inform its audience through providing access to current and ongoing  information and modes of practice.    
  •  Through innovative presentation: A multi-linear, multi-medium installation designed to be seen from the future.

‘Globally recognized Institutions can be pace-setters through the ways they elect to bring their foundation stories to today’s society.

Still imagery from commissioned five minute video Catherine McAuley had a Dream

✗Comunicate Symposium
An invitation to Exhibit The Lightness Matrix 2: SPACE and The Lightness Matrix 3: GRANDE SEARCH at the ✗Communicate Symposium: (keyboard Erik Griswold)

UTV and UNSW Art & Design projects  a range of video art in a program by French Curator Céline Jouenne from Videospread as part of the Vivid Ideas program 2015. A spectrum of voices from across the local, national and international digital/new media, community engagement and media architecture sectors.

✗Communicate is a symposium of shared experiences and aspirations presented by a network of individuals, organisations and research institutes working in this evolving public facing field.


In support of Ian Fairweather’s The Drunken Buddha series, Tarrawarra Museum of Art presented on screen: Fairweather in China; Raft Journey; and Bribie from the six part Fairweather Production.  A collaboration of Miles Franklin Award winning aurhor Rodney Hall as narrator, composer Erik Griswold and video-artist Glen Henderson – as presented for The Brisbane Festival 2014.                     

A print commission of Resource:Resourceful: of my University of Queensland - JKMRC  Foyer Installation on twenty vertical blades to commemorate the leadership of Professor Alban Lynch.