HaBiDiMaP: october - november
111 George Street, Brisbane City Hall Foyer. An exhibition initiated to empower a broader audience to engage with contemporary art. The brief was to develop art works which investigate the complex shifting set of conditions that combine to make a city.

The Brain and City Atlas: july - august
Casula Powerhouse. An installation to map the encroachment of the city into the natural environment. An exploration of ways in which people in communities undergoing rapid development interact with materials and surfaces.

The work extended the notion of membrane skin as associated with the organic human body, to associate with the ways in which the manufactured surface impacts upon the earth.



Rethinking the Social: june
As invited artist at Griffith University Rethinking the Social Conference. A collection of interconnected carved and printed fractal forms mark out formations along the floor and bank up against the wall as indicators of continuous social and cultural change.

Which Machine must be plugged into this Machine to work
The Performance Space Sydney with Voices of the singing Body: april - may 1997
White Box Brisbane with VoIcE ArT directed by Stephen Leek: august - september 1996

The exhibition site functioned as a container, the wall scuptures, metaphors for body parts and cells, took positions relevant to their bodily role. This mapping was a process of new knowing - metaphorically each bit of new thinking opens a new organ, requires a new instrument or a new machine.

Reading also created a reverberation in the viewer. A spontaneous response by each sound movement group expressed 'reverberation' which was traced in black and white by selected visual artists in the adjoining gallery to become part of this 'mapping' and 'tracing' exhibition.




Eyeline No33 Inside-Out by Professor Ian Howard
Real Time 19.6.97 At The Performance Space Gallery by Jacqueline Millner
The Review december 97 Interaction by Leonie Stanford
The Sydney Morning Herald 24.4.97 Which Machine by Bruce James