Arc Biennial of Art

Perceptions in Cell Time – Large Twin Movie Projections play with sequence and interdependence to explore multiple connections of nature’s intricate geometry.  It symbolises that in nature time and energy define function to create an ever changing dynamic patterning.

9th October 2009 – Projections onto Shed E Howard Smith Wharves Under Story Bridge


Artereal Gallery Sydney. Percept – 100 seconds of silence
Queensland Centre for Photography – Percept (models, paintings photographic prints)
Arc Biennial of Art Brisbane - Perceptions in Cell time (moving image work + large scale prints taken from the moving image)

Since 2005 my explorations have been centred on scientific advances and the patterning of scientific data. 
I am interested in the form and function of the natural world

The patterning of nature represents how the elements cooperate to achieve a function or a solution, and natural form is the history of the forces that created it.
My artwork is not just a reflection of this subject matter nor is it directed toward finding meaning or understanding the function of the science.  My experimentation with materials and processes is in response to the resonance of its visual language
Percept – selected works - models, paintings photographic prints
Perceptions in Cell Time – Moving Image work

Photographic Prints -stills from Perceptions in Cell Time moving image work -
Exhibition prints:height 2 meters - available: height variable

Photographic prints each  58x58cm

Acrylic on Canvas on Board 94x94cm  66x66cm







Synthetic Polymer  each 25x25x7cm



InDesign. November 2009   Transition - Institute for Glycomics story by Margie Fraser

The Courier Mail 24th October 2009 - Cell Time 'In the Frame' by Arts Editor Suzanna Clarke