Tekhne Artists and Architects: september - october
Royal Australian Institute of Architects Brisbane Curator, Manager, Artist.

As curator, project manager and contributing artist, I initiated this collaborative exhibition between seven architectural firms and seven contemporary artists. A complementary event to The Third Australian Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art. Works were created by paired teams in response to spaces outside and within the Royal Australian Institute of Architects.

Glen Henderson
DEM Design
Eugene Carchesio
Donovan Hill
Helga Groves
Deike Richards
Wendy Mills
Davenport Campbell
auditorium Craig Walsh
Cox Rayner

Tekhne Forum

The ideas addressed by the exhibition were discussed in a forum structured to identify and analyse issues effecting the collaborative process, and to facilitate better and more effective collaborative models for public art integration.

Chair : Peter Browning
Keynote Speakers : Professor Helen Armstrong QUT,
Richard Brecknock Adelaide
Panel includes : Dr. John Macarthur, Dr. Rex Butler, Timothy Hill, Michael Rayner

Threshold ll: october
Interiors 1999 Arts Queensland display Brisbane convention Centre

Threshold lll: november
Soap Box Gallery. Threshold marks the arrival at a place and an impending movement from outside to inside. In Threshold l, ll, lll a number of forms are created to accentuate moments of arrival



The Courier Mail 25.9.1999 Value-added architecture by Sue Smith
Art Monthly 126 Integrity and open-mindedness by Timothy Morrell
Monument 33 Tekhne Artists and Architects by Marian Drew
Architecture Australia Vol 89 No 1 Radar Art by Dr. John Macarthur
Object 2/00 2000 Artists an Architects by Susan Ostling