This launch at the University of NSW Opening Week of the first of my series of short videos on CHANGE: acknowledges 20 years since my sculptural / performative Exhibition Event 1997 at PERFORMANCE SPACE Sydney with the interaction of selected COFA UNSW Visual Art Students and time based artists.

O-week UNSW Quadrangle Screen                              Projections - Macquarie Mall Screen Liverpool NSW
February 2017                                                           April / May 2017

Concept: To create a microcosm of the changes that ideas have generated in visual terms across the 20th and 21st Centuries and which now continue at an accelerated pace.

The bigger Picture: To produce a ‘4 dimensional experience’ A virtual reality series where everything is set out in its place like a Clockwork Model: or a speeded up Solar System

The opening of ‘Red Green Blue: A History of Australian Video Art’ at Griffith University Art Gallery, 31st March 2017. Chris Saines (Director QAGOMA), Glen Henderson, Matthew Perkins the Exhibition Curator.