Mapping the Substance: october - november
The University of Queensland Art Museum opened by Dr. Rex Butler catalogue essay Peter Anderson

Glimpsed momentarily, familiar or obscure aspects of architectural form impact on the visual memory to be recontextualised in the gallery space. Each design fragment is a potential source from which transmutation from the original context to the space of the gallery occurs.


The Body and the City: April
Canberra National Sculpture Forum. An installation at the Choreographic Centre Gorman House. I began with a carved yet illusionary body and by degrees bring the bodily presence into focus until it is the frame which becomes illusionary.



The Navigational Circle, Time and Tide: march - april
Boondall Wetlands. The Navigational Circle utilises the botanical and indigenous names of the flora natural to the Boondall Site. The arrangement of the signposts marks a wedge which forms part of the circle indicated in the title. Creating an evocative dimension, VoIcE ArT formed an immediate improvised response to place and space.



The Canberra Times 3.4.1998 Sculptors come to Town by Helen Musa
The Courier Mail 1.4.1998 Shape of the future by Sandra McLean
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