Natures Geometry

Preparatory models for new work for exhibition: Relief sculptures developed in response to scientific data

I have used a number of materials to make these intricately crafted wall sculptures. Each piece is multilayered, allowing the viewer to explore a sequence of perception altering experiences.

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Transition 2008

A four panelled artwork is a commission for the new building of the Institute for Glycomics, Griffth University, Gold Coast.

Inspired by transitory moments of crystalline formations and fragments of molecular structure. A fusion of observations of the natural and the conceivable that are universal to both science and art.

Transition; DigiGlass, detail 1,2




Moving image work and Photographic prints
Exhibited at Queensland Centre for Photography.

The Awakenings series celebrate architecture as a sequence of experiences orchestrated like a piece of music with an underlying structure and the occasional celebration. The Awakening prints celebrate the architectural projection that you experience with your body as you move through the space. My interest in space springs from structure and rhythm and systems of proportion as found in the natural world.

The DVD shows how I explored my way from nerve cell data to architectural interior. In an ABC interview Rhiannon Brown questions Glen Henderson about the different stages of this process.


Curator Inner Northern Busway, Brisbane CBD:
Resilience: Cida de Aragon in collaboration with Steffen Lehmann. This memorial commemorates the first vote by women in an election in the state of Queensland in 1907 and acknowledges the centenary of Women’s Suffrage.  The Butterfly Effect:  by Neil Degney Is a time Safari through the history of Roma Street.
Zoom!Zap Blatt! By James and Eleanor Avery reference the energy forces within the Cycle Centre and the dynamics of this energized transitional space 

Resilience: by Cida de Aragon

The Butterfly Effect:  by Neil Degney



Space, QWeekend, The Courier Mail. March 22-23 Words by Cindy Lord

2008     Curator, Art Transports Commuters through history, The Courier Mail 26.5.08 by Fran Metcalf